Martin - Richmond, VA
Coding  |  Animation  |  Motion Design  |  Interaction  |  Sound Design

This is a fast-paced digital agency that put out the highest quality of work in the nation at the time. I really found my stride here as a multimedia generalist here and felt I could dive into any part of a creative project file and know what was going on. With Martin, I not only got to work at the top digital agency of the year but I got to touch award-winning work my first day and later extended my skillset into apps and worked on presentation teams. I was so excited to start at this agency that on the flight back home after the interview; I drew an illustration from a photo I took.
Clients, Brands: Walmart (Retail, Corporate), BF Goodrich, Geico, ESPN, JFK Museum
Shockoe Plaza - Martin Agency Headquarters​​​​​​​

Walmart Smartbook - Animation and Sound
BF Goodrich - Website Landing Page and Animation
GEICO - Car Insurance UX Mobile Campaign
This is a fun concept based on "what if" comics I loved as a kid that I wrote into a campaign post-departure (and oddly before the series was developed by Disney+).
Various - Website Landing Pages, Ads, Apps

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