What started off as a project to keep entertained and to post to my personal website in the early 2000's turned into a very humorous look at becoming a serious sculpture artist.  I decided to pose as a person named Niles.
Snowflake Big As Ever
Whipped Cream Plunger
Sir Worm of Orange
Sir Worm of Orange Release Party
Aero Jagger Lips of Rock
Alphanumeric Soup
Green Donut Portrait
Green Donut Landscape
Cornucopia Cubes
Flowering Carrots
Beached Whales
Lime-Berry Pretzel
Lobster Tail Up
Martian Breakfast
Baby Chick Fountain
Not Sad Rainbow
Minus Spike
Movie Set - The Greg Louganis story
Othello Peas in a Pod
Tongue Tubed
Cookie Catter
Leaning Illusion of Triangle
Squish ID
Summertime Waves
Red Hot Barber
Pass Over the Chocolate Bunny
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