Niles Clay Art
Play-Doh makings

I love to be a kid sometimes with an adult sense of humor. I made these to pass the time and thought they would be fun to show on social media years ago. So I created a persona named...
Red Hot Barber Pole
Snowflake Big As Ever
Whipped Cream Plunger
Orange & DJ Worm  
Orange DJ Worm CD Release Party
Aero-Jagger Lips of Rock
Alphanumerical Soup
Green Donut of Death
Baby Carrot and Egg Yolk Salad
Beached Sharks
Limeberry Pretzel
Lobster Tale Up
Martian Egg Breakfast
Chick Fountain
Not Sad Rainbow
Day By The Pool with Pearl
Othello Peas
Tongue Tubed
Cookie Catter
Pyramid of illusion
Ocean Waving
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