An NFT project

"Leave your Twitter handle on the call - answer correctly and have access to it all."

Promotion and security for NFTs seems to be the biggest hurdle to sell them. I put together a project ( as a .io and .site ) website that auto-generated unique images through an online virtual "gravesite" portal that users needed to visit to get the details.

On the portal site, visitors had to go through a grave keeper to register and sign up for a phone number they needed to call or text (via a paid service) to solve a riddle and get their unique NFT. They only got one try. But once they had the NFT, they could register it and join a private Discord server through one of two community websites (metadeadz or cryptodeadz) and promote and build a social following in either community. Twitter promotions would coincide. The money from the calls would support the project.

Sample riddles and answers:

Riddle: The place to go is not of sin. So how do you find the way in? Answer: Faith
Riddle: A master of none and jack of all trade. Use this and you will dig your grave. Answer: Spade
Riddle: Here, you can look up and never touch the ground. Where on Earth can you be found? Answer: The Sea
Riddle: Finding the truth can be through a lie. What is the trick that plays on your eye? Answer: Illusion
Riddle: Making a plan takes time to do. What will speed this up that will help you? Answer: Schedule

Dev plan - each answer is logged by a code. Whoever answered a riddle correctly, the code erased the riddle from the ledger. Each grave digger revealed specific graves available as owned plots. Others remained available to increase FOMO. Holders got to choose their gravekeeper path to access plots.

URLs purchased:

cryptograves .site (defunct)
cryptodeadz .com  (defunct)
metagraves .com  (defunct)
metadeadz .com  (defunct)
gravekeeperz .site  (defunct)
gravekeeperz .io  (defunct)

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An NFT project

NFTs spread like wildfires over the pandemic I put my hat into the ring and created a small collection to explore the market. Here are 'Tha Bears.

artist, concept
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