Featuring Client and Self-Produced Work

​​​​​​​Motion Scenes with Title Designs, Moving Graphics, 2D-3D Animation, Photo Parallax Animations, and Experimental Applications.

Role: Director, Motion Designer, Concept Artist
VFX Screen Replacement and Screen Animation

I created these VFX scenes in association with Hey! and Microsoft. My role was to composite (track, replace, roto, and animate UI) assets from Figma into the scenes.

There is not much to tell other than the producer told me I was a magician as I was juggling a ton of work and working faster than the editor. They probably should have just let me do the entire project to save some money. They brought me back for updates later in the month to swap out some colors and names.

Role: VFX and Art Director, Production Artist
Hey!, 24 Seven
UXUI Video Demo

I created this motion graphic explainer presentation to kick off the Amazon Style QR purchase path launch. This explainer shows how the customer engagement path works when QR codes are scanned in the store on clothing using a mobile app. 

Creative Direction was client directed and I assisted with a lot of the motion art direction with guidance from the UX Design lead. My main responsibility was creating the motion production and solving the transition from scene to scene as a solo contributor.

Role: Motion Art Director and Designer
RUN Studios, Amazon
Falling Waters, Robie House, Farnsworth House

These are animation studies I made as a personal project from a nostalgic passion. I collect LEGO Architecture and one thing I loved is how they made an Architecture kit. I wanted to open the kit and build it out but I didn't want to devalue a retired product. 

So instead, I did a digital exploration of the builds. I might expand this into many more attempts with other structures apart from the US.

How this was done: I sourced images of historic architecture photos and sketched over the top of them in Photoshop using my WACOM stylus with a white color brush head of many sizes and types to create the lines and put that on a black background.

Role: All, Self Directed Project
Documentary Video Animation (Title Design and Credits)

This was a collaborative project with my partner Ryan Griffin. 

I connected with the documentary narrator and director Alex Ball after seeing some of his work on YouTube. Alex and I discussed that he was working on a feature showcasing the history of ARP Instruments at Synthfest UK. Unfortunately, this never saw the event due to the Pandemic but it did get over 200,000 views on Youtube.

Together Ryan and I created the title sequence as a timeline intro with mini-scenes highlighting each instrument featured in the film. 

The idea is akin to being in a giant skate park with the plug being the skateboard that moves along a path. As it moves along, giant billboards are revealed in an open universe that highlight each era with little sound bites taken from the documentary.

Role: Creative Director, Art Director, Designer
Alex Ball Presents, Fauxcorp
Animated Short

This is a project that came to mind after discovering a 3D asset from Pixelsquid that I could use to make a stop motion short. I tapped my friend Ryan to join me in this and we decided to create a brand exploration for a new entity of mine called Fauxcorp.

The concept is taking a space astronaut we named Astro 11 and flinging him around in space, putting him through several physical experiments using just a few assets.

Role: Director, Designer, Voice Artist
Made in association with Fauxcorp, DivisionQ
Digital Comedic Short, VFX Scenes

I joined the internal team at Vossler to help them with some intro scenes and an exploding Earth because of my ability to recreate specific nostalgic look-and-feels and special effects artistry. This won Best VFX and several other categories at several film competitions. The entire project was created under the hood at Vossler with many people dipping their skills into the production bucket.

Role: VFX/Motion Designer
Vossler Media, 24 Seven

Documentary Film VFX and Motion Treatments

This award-winning documentary combined a lot of VFX and motion graphics, together with fellow partner Ryan Griffin, we completed this work with DocLife Films. Ryan and I have been working together as a team since our days at Microsoft and Synect. On this feature film, we worked on several scenes and treatments as solo contributors and worked together producing and presenting concept development as collaborated work.

There was a lot to manage that goes unseen but I was responsible for visual creative treatments of historic photos as parallax scenes, and also working with some title treatments and 2D/3D mixed compositions.

Below are presentation stills, rendered scenes, and some sample styles that were presented in our pre-production deck.

Role: VFX/Motion Designer, Concept Artist
DocLife Films
To understand what is going on here. These are photos from historic archives and they have to be resized and have the scene extended where the photo doesn't have pixel data information. This means that retouching and repainting the scene needs a little imagination and skill to clone paint in art where it never existed.
Self-Paced Training

All: screen replacement & animation, roto, keying, effects, scene extensions, planar tracking, compositing, color, and element removal. 

Role: Student, VFX Artist, Compositor, Motion Design, Video Editor

All: screen replacement & animation, roto, keying, effects, scene extensions, planar tracking, compositing, color, and element removal. 

Role: All, VFX Artist, Compositor, Motion Design, Video Editor

All: screen replacement & animation, roto, keying, effects, scene extensions, planar tracking, compositing, color, and element removal. 

Role: All, VFX Artist, Compositor, Voice and Sound, Motion Design, Video Editor
Self Directed Project

I grabbed a few still assets of a unicorn and fox and built this scene out by breaking apart the legs and elements to animate the unicorn and fox. Everyone wants a unicorn in design, but nobody realizes how much weight it carries.

Role: All, VFX Artist, Animator, Sound Designer, Motion Design
Safety Training Explainer, Typography, Animation

What happened was, I met with a cool guy named Austin who was a producer for Maritime Training Services. He gave me this work to figure out along with working on some shot videos he and his partner Dusty produced and directed. 

My job was to come up with some cool ways to keep their audience from falling asleep while they watched safety training videos. So I designed, animated, and provided a little art direction and VFX for their videos.

Below are the seven videos back-to-back in a single timeline.

Role: Art Director, Animator, VFX/Motion Designer
Maritime Training Services
These are VFX scenes (included is the light I made as a tracked element from the flashlight with dust particles that worked in the shot). 
Explainer Proofs for MGX Convention

I had a business card in my files and it had the name of a Creative Director at VMG Studio. I called Brian and told him I was looking for some work to do. He offered me an interview with the studio owner Kelly and I found out they were in a pickle because their design lead left the company. So they offered me the gig and I grabbed my partner Ryan and we created these case study explainer-style live-action videos in a crunch for VMG Studio 520.

Ryan and I divided the work and designed, animated, edited, produced the audio, and assisted with art direction. There was existing work we built off of initially but we opted to build these out from scratch instead to make the edit work.

Role: Art Director, Editor, Sound and VFX/Motion Designer
VMG Studio 520
Animated Explainer Videos

I was responsible for the design, animation, audio timing, and motion art direction for both of these videos. Suntrust was a benefit bank that provided financial and health planning benefits for those seeking financial assistance. LyondellBasell needed an explainer that conveyed how their pension benefit program works upon retirement. These animated explainers demonstrate how to obtain the services and what they are.

I was given a complete storyboard and assets to animate these to life in 2015 in just a few days.

Role: Animator
StepFrame, Suntrust
"100% You"  (Motion & Art Direction)

This campaign was part of the MyTouch generation of phones for T-Mobile. This particular offering was created as web banners and ads for NBA partners and featured Duane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Charles Barkley. "100% You" was the catchy tag that allowed customers to personalize their tastes and customize their phones just like the NBA celebrities featured.

Role: Motion Art Director, Designer
Publicis, T-Mobile & Straitface Studios
I reworked a print mockup into these collages and created the story and motion boards for each persona. All animation was created at Straitface and the sound design was completed at Clatter & Din.
Interactive, Landing Page, Microsite

If you like drift cars, you will like this piece. I was working at The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA and I was fortunate enough to be part of this massive project as an animator and sound designer. 

I was responsible for micro animations and the tire sting flames and text reveal as well as the stop motion of the car spin. (there is an alternate version featuring a Dodge Viper too).

Role: Sound and Motion Designer
BF Goodrich, Martin Agency
Interactive Advertising, Social Product

I worked with a 3D artist to create this animation as a pitch presentation to Walmart execs for an online smartbook that was far ahead of its time. This was right at the birth of social media in 2009.

Role: Motion Designer, Coder/Visual Developer
Walmart, Martin Agency
Interactive Advertising, Web Banners, Landing Pages, Microsites

I was given a great deal of support, direction, and freedom to design custom advertising for IMDb's partners in the motion picture and finance industry.

Role: Animator, Interactive Developer
IMDb, Partners
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