Pixelfire hired me to direct and create concepts for this JVC campaign. JVC wanted an editorial photo and video shoot to market their new headphones on New York Times Square spectaculars and also on their website. This meant that both vertical and horizontal resolutions were to be considered. I came up with a lot of storylines, executions, and design comps but nearly all were nixed due to not being able to get permits to shoot. This killed the Seattle gum wall idea and a few others (seen below).

Doing some quick adjusting and working diligently with the client, I offered some alternatives. The shots, video production, and stories were art directed by me but not solely created by me. I stepped behind the camera to direct the talent best I could. In the end, there were many actors, crew members, photographers, wardrobe designers, and a wonderful DP to help this all come to life for JVC.
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