Publicis Seattle
Coding  |  Animation  |  Motion Design​​​​​​​  |  Concept Design  |  UXUI
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T-Mobile | NBA 100% You Campaign | Interactive Website Video, Web Ads | Publicis In The West
The T-Mobile myTouch 3G was all about personalization and customization. To help the product launch, we created full CGI animated banners that feature NBA superstar players bringing their unique passions to life. The banners were featured on as a homepage takeover, coinciding with the launch of the television campaign. I was responsible for Art Direction, Design, and Motion.
T-Mobile | Samsung Vibrant | Video Wall Content, Kiosk Screens | Publicis In The WestSamsung launched the stylish Vibrant Galaxy S phone. The highlight was the AMOLED screen. To help the product launch, we created landing pages and banners. The final video was rendered for the first T-Mobile retail video wall. I was responsible for Art Direction, Design, layouts, retail kiosk UIUX and Motion.
T-Mobile | Dell Streak® | Interactive Website Video | Publicis In The West
T-Mobile | Garminfone Digital Interactive Campaign Concepts | Publicis In The West

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