about me

Chad Wixom is an artistic director, producer, and writer of narrative motion, design, and invention. This catalog is a bi-product of twenty years of effort in nearly every category of design demonstrating the rewards of doing good work and working with good people.

the work

Hello! I began my design career as an interactive Flash developer and designer for web and digital advertising many years ago. Over the years I have had to pivot since Flash died out and I moved into video and signage. I still stay committed to the kind of work I love to do which is fun, technical, clever, and inventive motion, brand, meme, and storytelling through variable kinds of media. I dig mixing color with type and creating the motion story. My design influences are sound, architecture, retro-space, interior rooms, visceral and graphic design, and manuals from the 50's and 60's loaded with great logos, interior/exteriors, analog work, and of course strong typography.


I work with creatives and designers, writers, musicians, models, athletes, gamers, artists, producers, directors, scientists, engineers, speakers, and experts in nearly any category of design who want the best blend for their audio, video, interaction, and graphic needs.

Fauxcorp - collaborative media collective
DivisionQ - partner of sonic and visual hocus pocus.


I love a large whiteboard and sketchbook but as a media designer my brain, verbal, and visual communication, help me solve problems and are my strongest creative weapons. Technically the tools I use are vast: Ecpert with Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Mocha, Premiere, Audition, Ableton, and a few electronic instruments such as keyboards, mixers, wax, and so on. Though it is rare, Lottie, XD, Figma, or Sketch are close at hand.

awards & accolades

Sound design
Documentary motion graphics
Digital Short vfx artistry
Package design renders
Interactive web awards (fwa)

hiring / booking

I am available directly at:
E-mail (direct contact or use form below)
425-351-9626 (DM text is okay)

Feel free to drop me a message about working on your curious, clever, time-sensitive, or technically driven projects. We can discuss motion, VFX, branding, concept art direction, shooting, post production, sound production, crypto, you name it. I look forward to working with you!

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